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Graduate with a degree of Applied Physics working as an engineer. Experienced as a DM and a player for around 10 years. Previously I have played/run Pathfinder but currently playing/running . I have also run the amazingly excellent and would love to run/play it again.

Systems with experience:

  • Star Wars (player)
  • Pathfinder (DM/player)
  • D&D5e (DM/player)
  • Masks (GM mostly, but player a few times)
  • Honey Heist (GM)
  • Paranoia (GM)
  • Golden Sky Stories (player)
  • Lady Blackbird (player)
  • Space Goblins! (player)
  • Roll for Shoes (player)
  • Happiest Apocalypse on Earth (player)
  • Custom system developed by a friend
  • Goblin Court (player)
  • The Skeletons (player)
  • Glitch (player)
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