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Chirag Shah
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I have worked with requirement gathering, mockup design, UI designing, backend development, database design, deployment for the projects in my current organization.

I have created mockups with Balsamiq.
UI designing in Vue(majorly) with Vuetify framework, Bootstrap-Vue, HTML and CSS(SCSS) with state management library Vuex. UI designing in React with frameworks like AntD, MaterialUI, Microsoft Fluent UI.
Backend development in Node.JS with JavaScript and TypeScript using express.js with Sequelize/Prisma for DB ORM and passport-js for authentication with JWT implementation. API security with role and permission by creating custom middleware for express.js.
I have done deployment with Docker and Caprover(Self-hosted PaaS) which uses Nginx and Let's Encrypt.

I hope I can get a chance to talk about some of the skills I have and my enthusiasm for fast learning and adaptability.

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