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Search Crawling Frequency
Accepted answer
7 votes

It depends on how frequently you want search to include recently added content.If the content on any site is updated too frequently (like Sharepoint.StackExchange :-) ) and you want user to search it ...

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Hide dropdown from XSLT List View WebPart
Accepted answer
2 votes

Currently, You have included "Title (linked to item with edit menu)" in the view of the list. Hence you see the drop down. Go to the list view and uncheck the column "Title (linked to item with edit ...

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SharePoint Custom WebService and Authentication
1 votes

Actually, it depends on the level of access they have to your SharePoint web application.If they can view pages under /_layouts, they should be able to see the web service as well.

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Search Query and current user in search core web part
0 votes

You can use fixed keyword query in core search results web part. Just modify the web part and enter your query in the relevant property.

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