Mitch Lizar

Amateur when it comes to writing code.

I first started interacting with computers in 1976: Computer Data Processing at Southern Nevada Vocational Technical Center - where I learned RPGII, COBOL, Fortran and Assembly languages (using a keypunch, hand-drawing my logic and doing some hard-wiring as well).

The world has changed ... but I still remember most of the thought-process used in coding and have been doing a little writing and modifying of Adobe Acrobat and HTML forms for a web-based interface to database servers.

Current skill-set: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (vanilla and Bootstrap), PHP, MySQL, and AJAX. I'm learning Python online and working on improving my "online presence" to showcase my coding. I'm not an expert - but I'm good at logic and a quick learner. If you have recommendations or tips I'd like to hear from you.

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