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Custom Timer job does not show up under Job Definitions when installed via PowerShell
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I vaguely remember encountering something like this in the past, and whilst the details escape me, I think that adding the -Force parameter to Install-SPSolution resolved the issue. I think this was ...

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SP Designer 2013 - External Content Types & BCS
1 votes

Ok, this turned out to be a SQL permissions issue, whereby the db_owner membership for the AdventureWorks user had somehow reverted to default. Bizarrely this allowed Designer to connect to the ...

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"Specified Cast is Not Valid" in PowerShell When Getting a Display Group for Search
1 votes

I have been encountering the same issue intermittently myself using code like this: $SPWebApp = Get-SPWebApplication $spSiteUrl $displayGroupName = "Search Dropdown" $ssa = Get-...

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Sharepoint 2010 - programmatically making changes to advanced search box
Accepted answer
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Solved it. What was needed in order to use the class was all of the following: added as reference Both of the following using directives: using Microsoft.Office....

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