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different ways to present the same list of items in various ways. Views can be created, updated, deleted and customized.
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an ASP.NET control provided by Microsoft SharePoint for the purposes of selecting users or groups in the SharePoint framework. This tag refers to the old version of the control - p…
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Questions related to pages that have the publishing infrastruture activated. Mostly used in WCMS scenarios and internet-facing sites.
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XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations) is a declarative, XML-based language used for the transformation of XML documents. In SharePoint, you can use XSLT for formatting the content, gen…
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sending of data from a local system to a remote system that should store a copy of the data being transferred
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Collaborative Application Markup Language (CAML) is an XML-based language that is used in Microsoft SharePoint Foundation to define the fields and views that are used in sites and lists.
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master pages customized to fit a specific implementation of a SharePoint solution.
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In the context of SharePoint, branding usually refers to the application of a corporate image (colors, fonts, logos, and imagery) to SharePoint sites.
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In general, the term refers to the notion of a user being presented with an editable "form" to fill in and submit in order to log in to some system or service.
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a relational database server used in SharePoint
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an application framework developed by Microsoft. It is built on top of the .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR). SharePoint is built from the ASP.NET framework.
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the main markup language for displaying web pages and other information that can be displayed in a web browser.
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a virtual container where files can be stored.
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an intranet user's personal site
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usually a notification message to draw one's attention to an event such as a change or error condition.
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pre-built definitions designed around a particular business need. You can use these templates as they are to create your own SharePoint site and then customize the site a…
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Use for SharePoint calendar list
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a modified piece of software
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a Web Part built using a User Control (.ascx)
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an activity that needs to be accomplished within a defined period of time or by a deadline.
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Represents an instant in time, typically expressed as a date and time of day.
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In computing, a uniform resource locator (URL) (originally called universal resource locator) is a specific character string that constitutes a reference to an Internet or Intranet resource.
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Question related to the Calculated Column
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SharePoint lists and libraries contain list forms that allow users to display, edit, and add items to a list or library using a list form.
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A timer job runs in a specific Windows service for SharePoint Server to automate common SharePoint tasks.
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for questions completely specific to Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
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Upgrading from a previous version of SharePoint.
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a set of related web pages containing content such as text, images, video, audio, etc. In SharePoint a site resides in a Site Collection.
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not hosted in SharePoint, but rather by the developer of the app. This hosting is not necessarily done in SharePoint.
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a feature introduced in SharePoint 2010 as part of content/document management. Document set helps to manage group of documents as a single entity.
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deployed to a SharePoint server by using a solution package (.wsp) file. You can use Visual Studio to organize your SharePoint Project Items into Features and to create a packag…
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A SharePoint-hosted app may provision basic resources into its app web such as HTML/CSS/JS files, site column/content type/list definitions, etc. Under no circumstances can server-side code run within…
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making copies of data which may be used to restore the original after a data loss event.
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available only in publishing sites. In publishing sites, authors and approvers use the publishing feature to create content and then make it available for site visitors. Usually, …
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the new feature introduced in SharePoint 2013, loading off the burden of XSLT webparts from the developer's mind.
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Business Connectivity Services