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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 915
a feature that enables you to define common structure and interface markup elements for your Web site, including headers, footers, style definitions, or navigation bars. The master …
× 886
information displayed when an unexpected condition occurs.
× 881
made up of one top-level site and all sites below it.
× 868
a piece of managed code that responds to SharePoint events when specific triggering actions occur on a SharePoint object.
× 849
Using the Representational State Transfer (REST) interface provided by SharePoint
× 841
used to build and customize Web sites based on SharePoint Team Services from Microsoft.
× 811
the SharePoint equivalent of Excel formulae. They allow you display values that are calculated from the values of one or more other columns. These calculations can be made using…
× 784
Use the JSOM to retrieve, update, and manage data in SharePoint.
× 761
General technical questions about the SharePoint Framework client-side development model.
× 741
responsible for synchronising user data to and from SharePoint to identity stores such as Active Directory, LDAP and many others.
× 732
used for questions relating to incoming and outgoing e-mail
× 732
the part of graphic design that deals in the arrangement and style treatment of elements (content) on a page.
× 726
generally considered the menu elements (top navigation bar, quick launch, bread crumbs, etc) and the links contained therein. Navigation is one aspect of Informaiton Archi…
× 724
A filter in SharePoint usually refers to a mechanism that limits the items displayed by the criteria provided.
× 716
a commercial spreadsheet application, which can be integrated with SharePoint.
× 712
You can use a calendar list to store team events, including meetings, social events, and all-day events.
× 711
SharePoint 2010 comes with an enhanced mechanism for managing your enterprise contents in SharePoint portal. Managed metadata refers to organizing your SharePoint contents so that they are easily cat…
× 706
Migrating content in/out of SharePoint.
× 661
a Microsoft technology primarily for managing multiple Windows servers and workstations in a single environment. It was first released in 2000.
× 616
In the context of SharePoint a document refers to a computer file, usually stored in a SharePoint library.
× 608
the task of keeping our servers running smoothly.
× 603
Preparation of components or SharePoint itself for use.
× 600
Validation the identity of the user, usually with username and password authentication.
× 578
form for displaying or editing data in a list
× 566
the protection of information and property from theft.
× 551
a Web Part that displays a dynamic set of items based on a query that you build by using a Web browser. You use the query to specify which items are displayed, and you can set present…
× 543
a jQuery library which abstracts SharePoint's Web Services and makes them easier to use.
× 540
A form on a web page allows a user to enter data that is sent to a server for processing. Forms resemble paper or database forms because web users fill out the forms using checkboxes, radio buttons, o…
× 533
SharePoint Central Administration (the CA) is a web application that typically exists on a single server in the farm.
× 533
a collection of users either in the Active Directory or in SharePoint.
× 521
an interface with set of toolbars placed on several tabs.
× 521
A full-featured version of SharePoint Search Services available in the Enterprise edition.
× 521
Technical questions about building and using web parts based on the SharePoint Framework client-side development model.
× 505
set of functionality that can be turned on at a particular scope level
× 497
different ways to present the same list of items in various ways. Views can be created, updated, deleted and customized.
× 497
where you own the servers and install SharePoint on them and manage it.