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JSLINK to remove rows from list view webpart

You can't. The ListViewWebPart does loading and paging on the server-side. If you now remove the rows using JSLink they'll be simply "hidden" (kind of) on the client side. The ListViewWebPart knows ...
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How to Hide search box from xsltlistviewwebpart?

You can hide the search box by editing the webpart properties. Edit webpart--> Uncheck "Display Search box" (Under Miscellaneous) If you are provisioning the webparts using modules into a page, you ...
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JSLINK is firing for one time only when the page first loads, and need to do refresh for the web page to get it firing again

If MDS is enabled, you may need to take extra steps to ensure that your CSR script is recognized by the MDS system as something that needs to always run. The MDS system has a function called ...
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Search in List view on publishing page layout

This is an issue with InplView not loading on demand when a publishing page is in published state. Still a bug in Feb 2017. To force the script to load, add the following script to the page: ...
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(Calendar) list views disappear from view selector menu of list view webpart

Using this code, the view stays in the view selector. Calendar = name of the view that disappears Events = name of the list where the view disappears Code: SPList listEvents = web.Lists["Events"]; ...
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Viewing List Data via CQWP, need XSLT to modify the content look in CQWP Webpart

Without XSLT you cannot change the view of list in Content Query Web Part. XSLT don't include any tough scripting and coding it is just formatting like table tag. Please refer this link to get more ...
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Custom NewForm or EditForm

You can simply restructure the HTML table. Assuming the default layout is as follows: __________________________ |Field1| | |______|___________________| |Field2| ...
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SharePoint Designer 2007 QUERY STRING to populate current user name in NewForm.aspx

You can use CSOM or SPServices to get the current user. To use SPServices, you need to include the JQuery and the SPServices scripts. var thisUsersValues = $().SPServices.SPGetCurrentUser({ ...
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How to increase the threshold of views in list view webpart

Till version of SharePoint 2010, the number of views shown in the drop-down list of views was limited to 50. You can have more than 50 views but to navigate to view 51 you should be knowing the URL. ...
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How to add listview webpart to subsite, while list is available in top level site?

Yes, it is possible. Here are the steps: Export your xslt list view web part. Open exported .webpart file and find <property name="WebId". There will be empty guid. Put into the ...
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List aggregation formatting problem

Just change your: <xsl:value-of select="@Editor"/> for: <xsl:value-of select="@Editor.title"/> It works the same with Author(Created by) And also you can get more properties, if you ...
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Chart using SharePoint list

If you create the column with the name is "Responsible Dept", the internal name of this field will be "Responsible_x0020_Dept". Modify the code as below to make it works. <div id="piechart" style=...
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XSL Item Style in Content Query gets replaced by 'default' for visitors

Do you need to checkin and/or publish the ItemStyle.xsl file? Are there any non-standard permissions on the Style Library? Is the CQWP instance linking to a custom XSL file for ItemStyles? Has anyone ...
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TryGetList damages view with Lookup field

I havent got exact issue but one thing I can say is SharePoint doesn't like when you mess directly with SPContext.Current.Web object. Can you rather try something like below; using (SPSite newSite ...
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JSLINK to remove rows from list view webpart

As the @Nils answered, you can't. The list view web part get data from Server and JSLink a technique to render the data. JSLink itself doesn't process any of the data. It renders the data the way you ...
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File Not Found Error- List template with additional lookup fields

So I don't know what was the cause of the error even though I edited the GUID of all additional lookup fields to reflect the current parent list. I solved the error though by Edit the lookup field ...
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CAML Query Where Items are Approved is Ignored

Try with adding below code on ascx page. <WebPartPages:XsltListViewWebPart ID="articleWebPart" runat="server" IsIncluded="true" PageType="PAGE_NORMALVIEW" ShowToolbarWithRibbon="false"...
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Content Query Web Part / XSLT Variable Name

After your above variable, add a second variable: <xsl:variable name="ReleaseDate"> <xsl:value-of select="ddwrt:FormatDateTime(@ReleaseDate, 1033, 1)"/> </xsl:variable> I used ...
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SP2010: Hide a list view webpart on a page based on user group

Here's a viable approach: Add web parts X and Y to your page as normal. Use audience targeting to make web part X visible only to Group A. Add a content editor web part that uses CSS or JavaScript to ...
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Unable to remove title field from list definition

site settings > advanced settings > allow content management (yes) site settings > click on content types (may be list/library name) now click on title column and hide the column.
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Create ListView with InplaceSearch on TeamSite from XML

I took your minimal XML, added it programmatically and it seems to work for me. This is what I used and how I added it. For starters, I used Powershell's PnP library for adding the webpart. You can ...
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Cannot filter imported XSLTListViewWebPart

The answer was simple. Just edit the XLV on that page as you would for any list view. Open the page for editing, edit the web part, under the List Views header, click on "Edit the current view". ...
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