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Alternative for Meeting WorkSpace for O365 SharePoint Online

For moving to SharePoint Online, I would convert the meeting spaces to Office 365 groups and migrate the desired content to the group space. I would recommend a migration tool to assist with this ...
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SPServices to create list items of a specific content type (i.e. specify the content type)

This was a typo on my part. I was not putting the ContentType field into the pairs array as an array itself. The right way: pairs.push(['ContentType', this.get('contentTypeIdName')]); The wrong ...
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1 vote

How to have cascading dropdown list in sharepoint 2013

You need to use the internal names of fields in the lookup - and external (displayed) names for those fields in the html of the page. see instructions carefully on this.
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How to check if a list is email enabled or not?

I've done it in Javascript/JQuery with SPServices. Maybe you can use these ideas in another language. Call getAllEmails once per site collection with the site collection URL. I used this to see how ...
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How to check if a list is email enabled or not?

Email setting is not possible for all types of lists. Below are the lists where this setting is possible. Document, picture, form library, Announcements list, Calendar list, Discussion board, Blog. ...
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Set site collection readonly remotely in SharePoint 2007

No, I'm also not aware of any way to do this! We had the same requirement in our project. But if you have a server login it should be possible to accomplish with a remote powershell session that then ...
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List Item Reminder Emails

You can write a workflow that runs on edit, pauses 24 hours, check conditions, and send a reminder. Then reset a flag which "edits" the item, relaunching the workflow. It's not the most reliable ...
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Users cant see 'Modified By' or 'Created By' (columns blank)

I recently had the same issue, i found that in user informtion list settings --> Advanced Settings --> Item-level Permissions --> Read access:   Specify which items users are allowed to read, the ...
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