The question is what do you really need? Getting an item does you no good, unless you want information from the item, or want to change the item. You found how to change an item. To get fields from an item, you would use the lookup and select whichever list you'd like, which field from that list, and the "WHERE" clause, so to speak. You can only specify one ...


Create another workflow for sending notifications, you can store the date when the first reminder was sent and can configure notification workflow to run everyday check when first reminder was sent if it was 3/5 days ago as per your choice, you can send a second reminder.


you can use rest web api in sharepoint 2013 workflow platform. use below rest url and get level of file http://siteurl/_api/web/getfilebyserverrelativeurl('Serverrelativeurl')?$select=Level in json return please check level if Level: Gets a value that specifies the publishing level of the file. Represents an SP.FileLevel value: Published = 1; Draft ...


In my case folder Package was accidentally deleted from SharePoint App project. As soon as I recovered the folder everything started to work again. More details on my blog NullReferenceException When Clicking a Task in Workflow Designer.

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