Use Visual Studio 2017 to develop apps for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, web, and cloud. Code fast, debug and diagnose with ease, test often, and release with confidence. You can also extend and customize Visual Studio by building your own extensions.

Here is a high-level recap of the changes made in VS:

  • Performance and productivity. We have focused not only on new and modern mobile, cloud, and desktop development capabilities, but we've also improved the overall acquisition, performance, and general developer productivity experiences. Visual Studio starts faster, is more responsive, and uses less memory than before.
  • Redefined fundamentals. A new setup experience means that you can install more quickly and install what you want when you need it. Visual Studio start faster, whether you want to load large solutions and projects, or work on folders of code, or even a single file of code. And, Visual Studio helps you stay focused on the big picture, especially for teams embracing DevOps.
  • Cloud app development with Azure. A built-in suite of Azure tools that enable you to easily create cloud-first apps powered by Microsoft Azure. Visual Studio makes it easy to configure, build, debug, package, and deploy apps and services on Azure.
  • Mobile app development. In Visual Studio 2017, you can innovate and get results fast with Xamarin, which unifies your multi-platform mobile requirements by using one core codebase and set of skills. Go mobile with your existing teams, technology investments, and C# code to deliver consumer-grade experiences ahead of schedule and under budget. Accelerate every step of the mobile lifecycle to deliver world-class consumer experiences or a portfolio of productivity apps to empower your workforce.