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you could try 2 options, When scaffolding your project [during yo @microsoft/sharepoint process], there is actually an option to choose between what framework you will use. Options were, 'No Javascript Framework', 'React' and 'Knockout'. Try working your code on a 'No JavaScript Framework' scaffold. React has its unique way of rendering things. I suggest ...


Its time that you learn implementing async/await calls instead of using callbacks when in SPFx. You need to make you renderlibrary() as a async function and use await call for the getLibraryIcons and getLibraries function. your functions will look like const renderLibraries = async() =>{ const response1 = await getLibraryIcons(); const response2 = await ...


If you want to execute this 2 request in order, you can put the second one in the callback of the first one. getLibraryIcons().then(res=>{ console.log(res); getLibraries().then(v=>{ console.log(res); console.log(v); }); }); BR

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