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you can use the below code to get the version history of Comments field, function getFieldHistory (itemId, fieldName) { //Get each item version history with comment using SPServices var HTML=''; var ItemID ="", AdditionalComments= ""; var i = 1; $().SPServices({ operation: "GetVersionCollection", strlistID: "{A4538568-2FC1-44E2-BAFC-...


As Ganesh suggested, Task list in SP Online can be used as replacement for Project tasks in SP 2010. Here is link to official documentation on connecting task list to project.,_2016,_2013


It may be the nature of your WF. Are you doing update to that task in wf? if so you need put a wait action after it. Sometimes WF is faster than sharepoint due to async calls and hits race condition. Put a 5 min wait after update of the task and see if that solves your problem.


Super old question, but I kept getting this question when searching for an answer. I figured out a kluge for this and wanted to share it as it works surprisingly well. To set custom time extents on the Timeline: Wrap the main Timeline contents with a new "masking" div (createElement, insert in DOM, move timeline into newly "masking" div wrapper.) Set ...

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