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SPFx web parts missing in SharePoint 2019 modern sites

The installation states it's for Office online. I am going to assume that maybe there is a difference in the SPFX version that ...
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What is the license for the SharePoint Framework (SPFx)?

SharePoint Framework (SPFx) is an extensibility model for SharePoint and Microsoft 365 enabling developers to extend the Microsoft 365 services by including JavaScript driven components and ...
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Is it possible to remove/disable News templates in SharePoint Online

Microsoft currently does not provide a way to remove or disable the built-in news templates in SharePoint Online. You cannot edit these built-in templates. If you edit and save these templates, they ...
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Multilingual SharePoint Framework (SPFx) - switching language

The locale is typically defined by the language in the user's profile, as long as that language is one of the main or alternate languages of the site. To change the user profile language, in your ...
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