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SPFx Field Customizers only provides modified views for fields within a list and those are client-side components that run inside the context of a SharePoint page. So, as per my understanding filters will not work on the field as you mentioned as it does not store/modify column value in list (at backend).


I found the issue log on repository said Latest versions of interactjs break production builds So I just need to change package version Re-install node_modules package and deploy again.


From the screentshot, the event.listItem["_values"] is a Map object, so you could get the ID like this: let itemId=event.listItem["_values"].get("ID")


Looks like your yeoman package is outdated. Try the following command to get the latest version: npm install yo@3.1.1 -g Update As of today, yeoman v4 is not compatible with the SPFx generator. this is why we install v3.

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