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1 vote

How can I create a Cascade within a Cascade in SharePoint Online (modern or classic)?

You can group documents using up to 2 columns (levels). If you have any such column which you can use for further grouping then it will be easier for you to apply out of the box grouping from library ...
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1 vote

Filter Lookup Multi-Select on previous selection

You can check the code below for your reference: // (Newform.aspx, EditForm.aspx, or any other customized form.) $.fn.SPServices.SPCascadeMultiSelect = function(options) { var opt = $.extend({}, ...
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1 vote

jQuery .combobox() breaks SPCascadeDropdowns relationship

Per my testing, this issue is caused by the change event in .SPServices.SPCascadeDropdowns will not be triggered because the selected option value is not changed. To resolve this, we need to ...
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1 vote

How to have cascading dropdown list in sharepoint 2013

You need to use the internal names of fields in the lookup - and external (displayed) names for those fields in the html of the page. see instructions carefully on this.
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