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This is unfortunately a bit complex these days. SharePoint used to have a "save site as template" feature, where we could configure a site how we wanted, including lists, custom fields, etc., and even documents and list items. It was one mouse click to create the template, and then we could just specify we wanted to use the template when creating any new ...


Primary portal I would suggest a Communication template while you use STS#3 for Team sites.


This is a Known behavior in SharePoint. Most of the objects in a site are included and supported by the template. However, there are several objects and features that are not supported. Supported: Lists, libraries, external lists, data source connections, list views and data views, custom forms, workflows, content types, custom actions, navigation, ...


Person or Group field points to a user information list located on the same site collection. If you transfer a list to another site, you'll lose all connections since the data in user information list in another site collection differs from the original one. Here, I'd recommend migrating data programmatically with REST or CSOM api.

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