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How to change site URL on SharePoint 2019 server

You can use AAM(alternate access mappings) to achieve it. Steps for your reference: Create a DNS host record using your company name and map it to your SharePoint server. Binding the DNS host record ...
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SharePoint Workflows 2010 & 2013 in SharePoint 2019 on-premise after year of 2026

The "no longer supported" notion from Microsoft means that Microsoft won't support the product after the end date. That means that you can't ask Microsoft for support, but it doesn't mean ...
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Injecting CSS on SharePoint Modern pages in SharePoint Server 2019 environment

The web part in the link you provided is using SPFx v1.8.0 which is supported in SharePoint online only. While SharePoint 2019 supports SPFx version up to v1.4.1 only. Source: SharePoint Framework ...
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