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I had the exact same issue some time ago. Some users were actually getting a permissions issue, since the page tries to go into edit mode and they don't have access to edit pages. This was the solution I found. <script> function WebForm_OnSubmit() { return false; } </script> If you just want to prevent a special event from ...


Previous Scenarios If You are using: Communication Site: The Search box will be in the site header section. Team Site: The Search box will be in the command bar section. From recent announcements from Microsoft, The major experience change is the removal of the search box in modern experiences from where it was in the site header in communication ...


Use the ows_Deal field. Somewhere in the doc it states to not use the other as it is used for a legacy feature for automatically created managed properties. I would try mapping it to both Text and Integer types and test to see which result works best for you.


Have you ever wait at least 24 hours? If so, it seems the refinablestringNN can only map text type of crawled property. We can create a new managed property for Yes/No field, but it's not refinable.

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