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Partial search in SharePoint

SharePoint Online supports wild card search or free-text search using KQL queries in search. For example: The following KQL queries return content items that contain the terms "federated" ...
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2 votes

How to Combine Search on SharePoint landing page?

You can try using OR operator to combine the search keywords in SharePoint Online search box. For Example: Steroids OR Medicines This will return the search results related to either "Steroids&...
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1 vote

Sharepoint Search REST API people SourceID gives 0 results

There is no global change in the SharePoint search REST APIs. This is an issue at Microsoft end and happening for all SharePoint tenants. Microsoft knows about the issue and currently they are working ...
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SharePoint Search filters on verticals across all sites

There are two search vertical levels, organization level and site level. In the each site, you should add search verticals manually. There is no option to automatically add search verticals in all ...
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