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What permissions are required to start a workflow?

Contribute permission is required.
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How to get the survey's name in using workflow 2010

OOTB SharePoint doesn't gives us an option to get the List title in the SharePoint workflow. You can try any one of the below approach, you could define a new variable and save the URL Path of the ...
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What permissions are required to start a workflow?

I could be late in answering this but doing this for any one who might come to search for this later on. You need to enable "Workflows can use app permissions" site feature for you to be able to give ...
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All user properties set to only ID in workflow?

It turns out that the problem was not because of retrieving the user value from another list, the problem was the process of setting a user field in a workflow. Since a user field is essentially a ...
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Associate SharePoint 2013 workflow with a content type

From MSDN: “Unlike previous versions, SharePoint 2013 does not support workflows that are scoped to a content type (SPContentType). However, the messaging infrastructure is extensible, so it can ...
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Custom content type attached to reusable workflow change to All

The "Associate to Content Type" option will be enabled only if you are creating a reusable workflow using SharePoint 2010 workflow platform. From SP 2013 and in the SP Online this option is no more ...
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Unable to open the EditTaskForm in the WorkflowTasks list in SP 2013 Reusable workflow

Couple of things you should have to ensure, If you have problem with state service application then delete it from CA (while deleting it, select check box "Delete data associated with the Service ...
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