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filter a value from a list via PNP/JS and then store it in a locale variable within SPFx SharePoint Online

You are receiving array of objects as a result from your SharePoint API call. So, you will have to get the NewId from first element/object of array result. Try using this: public ReadCounterValue = ...
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Why SPFx updated solution is not shown in Edge browser?

By looking at the question description, I think the issue is with the Microsoft edge browser cache or cookies. Try below to resolve this issue: Try clearing browser cache and cookies in Microsoft ...
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Trying to encode Special keywords from Value in react

Generally , SharePoint API doesn't support special keywords such as #$$#@^& in the url as a parameter EncodeURIComponent function will not encode all the special characters You can try below code ...
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How to reset Office UI Fabric Dropdown

You are not telling the drop down which is its selectedKey. <Dropdown options={this.state.options} placeholder= "Bitte wählen..." onChange={ this.handleChange } ...
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