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You can add CSS directly to a specific SharePoint web page using a web part. You can refer to the article below: Adding CSS to a Single SharePoint Web Page


There is nothing like any default site. It is totally depend on you. You can choose which site template you want to use. Please check below links for clarification on comm site vs team site and decide which one you want to use for your requirements.


Mostly it depends on your requirements. As hub sites will not be available in SP 2019, you may consider communication sites as a choice. In the modern experience, Communication sites fulfill the same purpose as traditional publishing sites. Reference links: Moving from Publishing sites to Communication sites What is a SharePoint communication site?


There is no default. It is whatever you wish to provision. Often times companies will use a Publishing site (pre-2019/SPO) or a Communication site (2019/SPO) as the root site of a Web Application.

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