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Power Apps customized SharePoint form - Certain fields with variables won't re-populate when opening an existing item

This is happening because you are using a variable as Default value and that variable is blank on form load when you are opening existing SharePoint list item. The value of varAirCost variable will be ...
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Is there a way to make our SharePoint Lookup fields delegable inside Power Apps

There is now a workaround that enables more delegable referencing of various lookup fields:
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PowerApps - Display user from People Picker in a text field as First Name Last Name

Technically this formula meets your requirements: Trim( $"{Last( Split( First( Split( DataCardValue5.Selected.DisplayName, ...
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Unable to submit attachments from Power Apps form to SharePoint list, for users other than Owner

Uploading attachments to SharePoint list items is considered as the "update/edit" operation in SharePoint. Hence you will need permissions to update/edit list items. Here are two options you ...
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