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Search Keyword Query - Site URL with space in Path not working

Find the solution. Use the Site in place of Path: Site:"https://contoso.sharepoint.com/Test site 1/" FileType:doc* Searchable site properties
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Export SharePoint list to Excel - How remove column Item Type and Path

If the export is data that users will routinely access in Excel, you can hide the Item Type and Path columns in Excel, and then create a data connection between the workbook and the list. Each time ...
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How to easily share a folder path from Sharepoint Library synced on my computer without my username on it?

To share a file with a colleague, you'll want to share the web URL of the file rather than the local address of the copy synced to your machine (since they don't have access to your local files ...
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What is the best way, to get the properties and the name of three files, present in three separate folders, on a SharePoint online site?

You could use "Full Path" property in "Add a row into a table". My test result:
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Find the real path of a shared URL

SharePoint files can be access via a web URL. So to find that URL you can open the browser, then type the SharePoint site url. Then choose the library/folder you uploaded the file. Then you can right ...
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SharePoint list events point to old list path

I don't know which method did you try to change the path, but 3 ways to change the url. Try one of them . Using PowerShell Using SharePoint Designer By Opening the List or Library in Windows ...
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