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IS there any way to create tasks in particular Channel of teams using Microsoft Graph API

You can use below endpoint to create new task inside any planner. Request body { "planId": "xqQg5FS2LkCp935s-FIFm2QAFkHM", &...
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Fetching all planner Task through Graph API

Per my test, I got the same result as yours. The property DisplayName shows null vaule for user: I would suggest you sumbmit feeback for this bug´╝Ü
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Turn Off Delve But Not Office Graph

No that's not possible. The only way to turn off delve is to disable Office graph. But once you disable it, you disable all functionality in Office 365 that is powered by the Office Graph, such as ...
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Office graph inconsistency in rquests

I was also facing same issue with office graph query. Please try with following url. &Properties='GraphQuery:ACTOR(ME\\,action\\:1001)' Instead of single escape character '\', use two escape ...
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