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Quoting to the document: Copy-PnPFile Currently there is a 200MB file size limit for the file or folder to be copied. I have tested with the Copy-PnPFile command and it works fine. I suppose you do not have the same issue if you run the script in a smaller library. Try moving the documents in the source document library into multiple folders and then run ...


Please refer to the below difference of these two properties: Read Only Field: The column is not displayed in the edit form. The column is displayed in the quick edit view but cannot be edited. The column is not visible inside the content type also thus, it is not revealed by an end user just by changing the content type column settings. The column is ...


Does the "problem" folder contain items with very long names? It is a known issue with Explorer View that it cannot cope with that. Paul | SLIM Applications


There are other 3rd party tools (browser-based) that can report on content in a document library and save the details as a csv file. e.g. Path Name Size ContentTypeId ModifiedDate ModifiedBy Id Type UniqueId MajorVersionCount MajorVersionSize MinorVersionCount MinorVersionSize Encrypted https://slimapplications.sharepoint.com/...

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