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Got it! you can do: /items?$filter=startswith(fields/FileLeafRef, {fileName}) if you add the following header: "Prefer": "HonorNonIndexedQueriesWarningMayFailRandomly" Basically, this will work so long as the list isn't huge, my list happens to only have a few fields so it works perfectly.


Using the GRAPH API The recently Visited Sites webpart from the sharepoint sp-starter-kit, already shows the latest visited sites by the current user with the help of graph api. This webpart gets the latest web pages the user has visited, on the endpoint:$filter=ResourceVisualization/containerType eq '...


Taking a look to the Microsoft Graph API documentation, if you go to the "sites" related v1.0 reference, you will notice you can perform a query like the one below:{user-id}/followedSites Here is an example: That query will ...


Using the GRAPH API OPTION 1 ( Best & simplest option ) You can query the graph endpoint:$filter=ResourceVisualization/Type eq spsite'&$orderby=lastUsed/lastAccessedDateTime desc It will return accurate information of the latest visited sites. OPTION 2 The recently Visited Sites webpart from ...

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