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Capture the users clicks inside our SharePoint modern home page (how click on quick link modern news, etc..)

You can try adding SPFX in that page. As an example I have called a function and capturing the quick links. Please note that I am using Quiklinks of compact layout option. In SPFX , call the custom ...
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Want to upload a file in sharepoint library using Graph API

I would take a look at the PnP Core SDK. This should save you some time, since it already has a lot of code for completing basic actions in SharePoint Online.
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Graph API filter query says "The specified filter to the reference property query is currently not supported."

As per official documentation for List Members API you need to add custom header ConsistencyLevel with value "eventual" and also need to add query string parameter $count with value true See ...
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What is the best way to shuffle the results that come back from a Graph query?

Try using _.shuffle function available in lodash library. Use code like this: var result = await client.api('groups/' + + '/members').get(); const graphResponse: any = ...
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