Custom master pages are currently not supported for "modern" pages. You can find supported/unsupported customizations in below documentations: Customizing "modern" site pages Customizing "modern" team sites Branding your SharePoint site There is no SharePoint out of the box option to hide office 365 ribbon at the top. ...


I don't think we could do this for SharePoint server 2016. SharePoint Server 2016 use the classic experience by default, currently only SharePoint server 2019 support modern experience.


You are missing PermissionsString in your code. As per the reference you provided, you can add any permission type from the below list based on your requirement: FullMask EmptyMask ManagePermissions ManageSubwebs ManageWeb AddAndCustomizePages BrowseDirectories ViewPages ManageAlerts Read more about SharePoint Base Permissions at SPBasePermissions ...

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