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Answer - You cannot avoid updating every item to clear values, because each item holds previously saved term values and displays them if requested. You can confirm this behaviour by requesting data from specific item via PowerShell or REST API. In normal conditions, before displaying (in views, forms, search results etc) SharePoint is checking if terms ...


Site performance shouldn't really be affected by the size of the documents on document libraries. It's not like SharePoint reads all documents when user accesses the site (unless you have some "latest X documents Content Query Web Part on the front page crawling all doclibs). Obviously you need to pay attention to how documents are browsed - so having list ...


I hope you had already made sure that the referred 'Site Column' is already present in the site or being created before using? As per Microsoft documentation "addSiteColumn - Subaction to add a previously defined site column directly to a list (existing or created through the site script)."

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