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Failed to create term set: A default managed metadata service connection hasn't been specified

Follow below steps and try, if accepted answer does not work. In the central administration --> Manage Service Application Page, click on the line corresponding to the connection (not on its name, ...
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Content Type Hub subscriber Metadata Column value null

This article fixed my issue: The cause of all this trouble is a permission issue. More precisely a permission issue on the TaxonomyHiddenList. The TaxonomyHiddenList list can be viewed by ...
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Multiple Managed Metadata Services

When you create the second MMS2, avoid adding it to the default proxy group. If you do, all web apps will have two MMSs, which should be avoided. My guess is that's what happened in your environment.
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SharePoint 2016 - Event ID 8313 - A failure was reported when trying to invoke a service application: EndpointFailure

We had the same kind of problem in one of the farm. What we did: Stop the MMS service on the effected server (wfe) ( from central admin > system settings > manage services on server) Check IIS and ...
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PnP PowerShell command for Reuse Term

You can't do this using only PnP commands. But you can do it by dropping down to a little bit of CSOM. First, fetch your source term and your destination term. $pinnedTerm = Get-PnPTaxonomyItem -...
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Managed Metadata Service Connection

If you click OK in that screen, the first MMS, where you currently have your term groups, terms, enterprise keywords and tags, won't be the default MMS. That means that all new entries will end up in ...
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Term Store Available from Central Administration But not from Site Collection

I received this error after running a patch (Dec 2016) on SharePoint. The thing that worked for me is running this in Powershell: Initialize-SPResourceSecurity (don't forget to run this first: Add-...
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How can a managed metadata field be associated with a term set with powershell?

Try it as below: Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue $WebURL="https://sitecollectionurl/" $ListName="Financial" $FieldName="Doc Type" $Web = Get-SPWeb $WebURL $...
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How to migrate Managed Metadata columns from 2013 OnPrem to SharePoint Online

We migrated global term store using ShareGate tool. The mapping remain same and there was no data loss.
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Term store not found and the Managed Metadata Service or Connection is currently not available

In the end I just renamed the service db and then renamed it back to the original name and it worked. I got the hint here : The Managed Metadata Service or Connection is currently not available
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Cross-site Publishing in SharePoint Online - Possible?

After testing I was able to show the HTML Content of the Authoring site's page by changing the Property Mappings of the Content Search Web Part. I used 'PublishingPageContentOWSHTML' as a manged ...
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