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How i can get the current wiki page version inside my list workflow 2013

Every major version will in UIVersion be based on version * 512, so you will have to compare on 1536. For completeness Minor versions will increment the version with 1, and every major with 512. So 0....
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SPO - Update multiple items in a list

In the workflow, we can user Call HTTP web service action to loop all items in the list which need to update items. Use the steps below and add custom information in your environment which could ...
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1 vote

Assign Lookup Field via Lookup Value in Workflow?

You need to get the ID of the extracted title from the lookup list and set your lookup field with this ID : in the SharePoint designer workflow, in the WORKFLOW ribbon, click Local Variables. ...
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SharePoint 2010 Workflow Timed Out when Started Automatically

Could you please share the detailed error in the ULS log? To troubleshoot the issue, check things below: If there are initiation parameters in your workflow, you should ensure there are default ...
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Copy/Paste list workflow 2013's IF statement from one workflow to another will change all the "ORs" to "ANDs"

Not sure why it happens, but can tell you you're not alone. You'll always need to reapply the actions/conditions and anything you've got in, say, emails that call up data.
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