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Sample demo to show/hide column(row) based on checkbox click event. <script type="text/javascript"> $(function () { //MultiChoice Field static name $('input', 'table[id^="MultiChoice"]').each(function () { $(this).change(function () { if (this.checked) { //Option field title ...


Why it does not work Copy link is supposed to give you a link to an existing item. When you are trying to click this button from the context of the New form - the item does not exist yet. Hence - it is impossible to construct the link: Title field has nothing to do with this issue I have replicated your case and I get the same <> wierd looking pop-up ...


By Looking at your code, Either jQuery is not loaded properly or your selector for currency is wrong: Try below code: Using Plain JavaScript: var currencyField = document.querySelector("input[title^='Currency']"); //Here "Currency" is display name of field. var currencyValue = currencyField.value; currencyField.addEventListener('change', ...


I guess your selector inside first document.getElementById is wrong. Instead of id you can use title property to get the elements easily from SharePoint form. Example: Consider your choice field's display name is 'My Choice Field' then try using selector like below: document.querySelector("select[title^='My Choice Field']").value

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