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Option 1 given in @Mike Smith's answer will work fine. But there is small problem with his Option 2. You will need to modify the formula in option 2 like below: =IF([Tier]="0",0, IF([Tier]="1",4, IF([Tier]="2",24, IF([Tier]="3",48) ) ) ) Note the quotes(") used in formula for comparison. ...


Option 1: =CHOOSE([Tier]+1,0,4,24,48) Option 2: =IF(Tier=0,0, IF(Tier=1,4, IF(Tier=2,24, IF(Tier=3,48) ) ) )


As you are saying: "AAA" is a link not text I believe it should either be like http://AAA or https://AAA. So in that case you can use below JSON code to hide the links with http://AAA or https://AAA: { "$schema": "", "elmType": "a", "txtContent": "@currentField....


We can use the column formatting below to achieve it. { "$schema": "", "elmType": "a", "txtContent": "@currentField.desc", "attributes": { "href": "=if(@currentField.desc=='AAA','#',@currentField)", "Target": "_blank" }, "style":{ "display":"=if(@...

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