In the workflow settings, in the start options, you could select the option “Start workflow automatically when an item is changed.”. It will trigger workflow when the item is updated.


The FIND function is not real friendly… if there is not a match it returns an error. Here's one solution: =IF( NOT(ISERR(FIND("Andrews",[Tracking Number]))), "ANDREWS", IF( NOT(ISERR(FIND("Bolling",[Tracking Number]))), "BOLLING", IF( NOT(ISERR(FIND("Pentagon",[Tracking Number]))), "PENTAGON", "none" ))) Here's an alternate solution: =IF( ...


Since you will send different emails, I think you should use 7 if condition by using OOB workflow actions as below: If you don’t want to use Else, you can all if condition to "Parallel Block" as below:


You can do it similar to that in Excel :) You can checkout the below sample to get an idea: "background-color": "= if([$OtherColumn] == 'Red', 'red', if([$OtherColumn] == 'Green', 'green', if([$OtherColumn] == 'Amber', 'amber', if([$OtherColumn] == 'Gray', 'gray', 'blue'))))"

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