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If you change your query to /cyberSecurity/_api/web/lists/GetByTitle('phishingExamples')items?$orderby=Created desc&$top=4 you should get the 4 newest list items in order from newest to oldest, based on the Created date. If you want the most recently modified to be first, you would $orderby=Modified desc. Keep in mind that these will already be in ...


Custom master pages is not supported in modern pages currently. Quote from the article: Supported customizations for "modern" pages: Custom branding Adding "modern" pages programmatically Adding, deleting, and updating client-side web parts on "modern" pages Alternative layouts These customizations are currently not supported for "...


You have the feature for page templates from April 2019. Here you have the Microsoft article talking about it.


No, SharePoint Modern site does not have concept of master page. Hence you won't able to directly customize as we used to do in classic experience. You can customize modern site using below options Create Application customizer to add header and footer on page. You can create modern custom pages and select layout like one column, 2 column etc... You might ...

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