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Currently there is No way to use target Audience in SharePoint Modern List view. Workaround: Go to your SharePoint list. Click on Return to classic SharePoint (You can find it below left side navigation - bottom left corner of the page). Click on Settings (Gear icon) --> Edit page. Then Edit Web Part. In web part properties panel, expand Advanced section. ...


The following REST call will GET all AD Groups that are being used in the site without iterating through the SharePoint Groups: /_api/web/siteusers?$filter=PrincipalType eq 4.


As mentioned, Here When you delete an Office 365 Group, the associated SharePoint site is sent to a recycle bin. You can see the list of Deleted Sites (aka sites in recycle bin) by going to the newer/preview SharePoint Admin Center. In order to be able to recreate a new SharePoint site with the same name, you used before you need to delete the old site from ...

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