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4 votes

SharePoint User Profile Synchronization Service not starting

There are many root causes for this issue like The farm account is not added to the local administrator group during starting and provisioning UPS service. The User Profile Sync Service account is ...
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2 votes

FIM service is 'Starting' then failes to start

just a guess - Event ID6309 used to be related to FIM certificates for 2010. Every time a new UPS service was provisioned a new ForeFrontIdentityManager certificate was created on the server in the ...
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2 votes

Failed to configure ILM, will attempt during next rerun.

Check if the fim service has some dependency set 1. Check for dependency on FIM service . Go the service console> fim service > right click propeties, if there is any dependency mentioned then that ...
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2 votes

Profile being imported even if the OU containing the user is excluded

The SharePoint Active Directory Import does not mark the profile to be deleted either with incremental or Full Import when they are not selected and only way to remove the obsolete users is here. You ...
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1 vote

SharePoint User Profile Synchronization Service not starting

Mine was a known bug with SP2013 SP1 and SQL server 2014.You need to install any of the CU after April 2014 to fix this issue After installing latest CU,I was able to start the user profile ...
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