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Disable "new document" in document library for specific users

Yes, you can restrict a few users to upload or add a new document by managing unique permission for your library as the following: Go to your library > Library Setting. Click on Permissions for this ...
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How do I create a upload button on SharePoint online

The upload form for a particular library can be accessed from http://site/_layouts/Upload.aspx?List={ID to the library} You can get the ID by e.g. going to the Document Library Settings, and the URL ...
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Upload files to SharePoint intranet site using PowerShell

You can use following PS script provided by Todd Klindt in this blog post: $WebURL = "http://portal.contoso.com/sites/stuff" $DocLibName = "Docs" $FilePath = "C:\Docs\stuff\Secret Sauce.docx" $Web =...
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What is the file size upload limit for SharePoint online?

What is the file size upload limit for SharePoint online? the File upload limit for SharePoint Online in Office 365 Business Essentials and Office 365 Business Premium is 10 GB per file and file ...
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The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized: While uploading file in document library using App Based Token Authentication

The issue is that the SaveBinaryDirect method does not support app-based authentication. You should use either SharePointOnlineCredentials for your ClientContext or upload files with ...
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Url Length Limit when uploading SharePoint 2013 Online/OneDrive for Business

There is a maximum 256 character limit in SharePoint for REST URLs - reference: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/LIbrary/dn292556.aspx However URL parameters are not included in the length-...
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Maximum Upload Speed to SharePoint Online?

I asked this exact question a while ago to MS Support. Their answer is you should expect a throughput of 0,75 GB/hour due to bandwith throttling, the CSOM, virusscanning, replication of data etc. In ...
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Change the default file upload destination library in a discussion board post

There is an easier way to accomplish changing the default destination folder. Just go to 'advanced settings' in the library. There you can say if you want this library to be the default one for site ...
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Using chunked upload/StartUpload with sharepoint REST api

The following C# sample shows how to upload large file using the StartUpload, ContinueUpload, and FinishUpload REST endpoints: using (var client = new WebClient()) { client.BaseAddress = webUri; ...
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RegEx to validate and replace invalid file name characters from a custom web part file upload control

Found the solution... Here's how I changed my code. private void UploadAttachments(Helper sharePointHelper, IList<HttpPostedFile> postedFileCollection, int itemId) { // Get the list ...
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Uploading a large file to Office 365 via CSOM PowerShell

If you are following Office Dev PnP, then they have released brilliant approaches for uploading files of various size. Their code is in c#, which we convert into PowerShell. I had an exactly same ...
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Update SharePoint item using Microsoft Flow?

MS Flow doesnt seem to allow you accomplish this at the moment - I came across this scenario as well. You may be able to do it if you set up your flow using the Logic Apps in Azure https://azure....
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Excel file corrupted after uploading to Sharepoint with Python

Figured out the problem with my original code: needed to provide data kwarg and NOT files kwarg: import requests from requests_ntlm import HttpNtlmAuth session = requests.Session() session.auth = ...
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How to change file limit on SharePoint Online?

The clear cut answer is: No, You cannot change the limit of Threshold in SharePoint Online. Already answer this here. You can handle your large list using Manage large lists and libraries in ...
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Risks of increasing file size limit above default of 250 mb

I would do a testing before increasing the file size in the farm, because uploading the large file will take more time and some time you can have browser time out. I will have a 10 users at the same ...
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uploading a file to sharepoint using your phpSPO library

The below example demonstrates how to upload a file using SharePoint REST client for PHP: $authCtx = new AuthenticationContext($webUrl); $authCtx->acquireTokenForUser($userName,$password); $ctx = ...
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Using Linux Shell scripting to upload a document to SharePoint

From what I could find, in order to perform operations on Office 365, we need to authenticate using claims-based authentication, which is done in not one, but a series of sequential steps. build a ...
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Best way to change content type on a existing file in a document library

No other way around. Each content type has its own set of fields. Quick edit don't have the flexibility to switch fields dynamically based on the selected content type.
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Custom master page needs to be uploaded under which category

Below steps will help you to upload and use that master page in a right way. Steps: Go to the Site Settings >> Site collection feature >> activate SharePoint publishing infrastructure feature. Go ...
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Authenticate from PowerShell and create a folder

For SPO $ctx = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ClientContext($siteUrl) $ctx.Credentials = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.SharePointOnlineCredentials($loginname, $pwd) For SP-OnPrem $...
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Bulk Complete Forms

I have SP2010 but SP2013 is the same. You can use DasheetView to use the list like excel.
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Multiple File Upload in dialog box

The REST api does not provide for uploading multiple files in a single call. You would need to write your javascript to loop thru the collection of files and issue individual calls. Refer this one : ...
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How can I upload a document to a sharepoint subfolder using the REST API?

I suggest to use this endpoint: http://<site url>/_api/web/GetFolderByServerRelativeUrl('<folder relative url>')/files/add(overwrite=true, url='runtime_table.csv')
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Will SharePoint automatically create intermediary folders when adding a file through the REST API?

Would SharePoint automatically create all three subfolders? As per my analysis SharePoint REST API will not create all three subfolders automatically. If folder1 is not exist in the document library ...
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SharePoint REST POST to upload file produces corrupted or empty file

b1c10's answer is probably on the right track, stating that the problem might be on the file input, try to check if you actually upload the correct stream to the REST API. If the stream is already ...
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SharePoint 2013 Drag and Drop Uploader 'drop here' box placement

@BM- really hit the jackpot on this one. Really nice solution. I noticed though that you need to add the correct class to the under s4-workspace. Like this: <div class="ms-dnd-dropbox" id="ms-dnd-...
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SharePoint 2013 Drag and Drop Uploader 'drop here' box placement

I had a similar problem to this, and indeed had attempted a solution similar to @Sean M. However, this runs into a more bizarre problem if you have more than one library part on the page, especially ...
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User Unable to Upload Document to Document Library

The usual 3 step process will help you narrow down your issue: Clear browser history and cache Restart your pc Try a different browser
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Mandatory File Attachmant

Instead of a list, why not use a library? They wouldn't be able to get started without a document, and a library still supports metadata fields. No code or other customizations would be needed.
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