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What is best option for BI capabilities with SharePoint

Regarding If I install SSRS for SharePoint is it possible to achieve the same? Everywhere showing examples of external database like Adventure Works with SharePoint. But I have to build a report using ...
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Warning when open hyperlinks from SharePoint Excel documents

It is not SharePoint issue rather it is Office problem. You can disable this warning going by going to trust center settings of excel. Click the File tab. Click Options. Click Trust Center, and ...
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Exporting data out of SharePoint into Excel

You can try creating a filtered view in your SharePoint list that narrows down the result set for you, then connect to this view in Excel to pull the data for whatever you need.
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Excel web part vs rest api

The images will be static, but that sounds like what you want. For SharePoint Online, you will have to use the Graph API instead.
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How to populate sharepoint list with excel data?

Go to your list Create a view with same columns than your Excel In this view, go to Ribbon / List / Quick Edit Copy your data from Excel Paste your data in SharePoint using Quick Edit
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Access columns/content of Excel document through SharePoint API for SharePoint Online.

You'll have to use the Excel API, which is available in SharePoint Online. Here are articles that explains how it works and the first steps:
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Linked images (cells copied from other spreadsheets pasted as linked image) do not show in Excel Web Acess Webpart on SharePoint page

The linked picture feature is not supported in Excel Online and Excel Web Access web part. As a workaround, use cell references instead. In the Summary worksheet, click on a cell and enter “=” in ...
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Requirements for excel data refreshing

The repeating credential prompt may be a symptom of a missing trust between client and server. I would suggest to add the domain of the SharePoint to the Local Intranet security zone. Run inetcpl....
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Excel Web Access cannot open file

I haven't seen the issue before but have a couple of suggestions. If it is a caching issue as you say, then try an IISRESET on your web front end Otherwise it may be a web part restore issue, maybe a ...
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Import data from multiple excel file to SharePoint list using power automate

Yes it is possible. There is an action available in power automate for it. To access Excel with a dynamic path, you can refer this
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Copy and Pasting in SharePoint Excel - Without overwriting data?

I am not sure if you are referring to a SharePoint list or a excel file stored in SharePoint Library and opened in Excel online. I tested in Modern/Classic Experience list and both works in list quick ...
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Copy and Pasting in SharePoint Excel - Without overwriting data?

If by SharePoint Excel you mean opening an Excel file hosted on SharePoint (Excel Online) in your web browser, this is not possible. Excel Online offers this "Insert Copied Cells" only if you copy ...
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Upload failed, this file was not uploaded because the specified path was not found on server

This error usually occurs if the server running the SQL has run out of disk space. The site will be working as per expectation in the read only mode. Any changes that write data to the site will ...
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Object doesn't support property or method 'readAsBinaryString' IE 11

Try using readAsDataUrl instead of readAsBinaryString. readAsBinaryString was originally in the specification, then removed, and then added back for backward comparability. As a result, it wasn't ...
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Excel service on sharepoint 2010

You should probably delete all excel services applications and follow the instructions here to rebuild them. But before doing so, take note of the account that it is running under. If Excel ...
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How does Excel Service applications worked on Sharepoint Online

There is no "SharePoint Online 2013", just SharePoint Online. (It changes weekly.) Excel Services are not supported in SharePoint Online, or SharePoint Server 2016 or later. What are you wanting to ...
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Be careful. This workbook contains one or more queries that might be unsafe

I resolved this pesky warning by doing the following: Open Document in Microsoft Excel Select Data > Get Data drop down > Query Options Went to Security > changed Web Preview Warning Level to 'None' ...
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Opening Excel sheets from the browser

I think you will not face the same pop-up dialog when you open the SharePoint site from within the internet explorer, though the problem is a web browser oriented one. Also the behavior changes when ...
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Hide the Left Bar of XLViewer.aspx

Here's what I did to hide the breadcrumb navigation on the xlviewer.aspx page. I added the following CSS directly in the page: <style type="text/css"> BODY #s4-mini-titlearea { display: none; } ...
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Exporting calender from share point to Excel

There are possibly two ways to achieve this if you want to export specific data: Export to Excel and Filter: You will need to go to the View for All Item. URL would be something like ..../...
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How to populate sharepoint list with excel data?

I cobbled together a CSOM script a while ago that does this and works a lot better than copying and pasting data in in Quick View. Note to run this you'll need to import the Microsoft.Sharepoint....
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Date Format On SharePoint 2013 Reports

You should be aware of the Reporting Services uses the locale settings based on the report server operating system. And to can show date time format based on the SharePoint regional settings , you ...
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How to Edit a Excel Documents on Browser in Sharepoint 2013

First, Start the Excel Calculation Services service in Services on Server. Then Create an Excel Services service application On the Central Administration home page, under Application Management, ...
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Excel links open files as read-only mode. How to change this to edit mode?

Excel (and presumably other office apps) can also give the following error because OneDrive settings. No amount of changing Trust Center settings in Excel will fix it. We opened this file read-only ...
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Excel Web Access web part get selected text in SharePoint Online

We use the following EWA event extensively to get the text of the selected cell: Ewa.EwaControl.add_activeCellChanged(function) The example ...
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Does Excel Services support connecting / refreshing external data that comes from another workbook?

SharePoint List OData Feed is not a supported data source for Excel services in SharePoint on Premise (But is supported in SharePoint online).so you cannot refresh the data in the browser through EWA ...
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How to import table in excel to infopath form?

Your question is not clear and hard to understand. I'm not sure you are using InfoPath in the way it was intended. InfoPath is a tool to display XML data in a visually appealing way. There is no ...
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requesting excel services rest from console application but the server returns error code 403 forbidden

Pavan, I guess your code is the result of the implementation of this. I have done it and I could connect successfully with my user, password & tenant information. What I can see in the URL is ...
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