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this is not an answer but I am new here and cannot post a comment yet. I literally made this account to suggest trying the following. But it is not a solution so please be kind and don't downvote, just ask me to delete if that's what should be done. Assuming you've tried this in other browsers (like FireFox/Edge/IE) to isolate that this is indeed a Chrome-...


You can try using PowerShell script to delete the site collection. If the issue persists, try deleting all list items (whether they exist or not) with PowerShell and see if it works. Please see the references below. SharePoint Online: Delete Site Collection using PowerShell. Fix SharePoint Online "The attempted operation is prohibited because it exceeds ...


This error is because you are missing one property in IReactGetitemsProps.ts file. I am guessing you are missing siteurl property in your file. It should be something like: export interface IReactGetitemsProps { description: string; siteurl: string; }


First of all you need to declare an array at the start of your code/function like: var visitorIDs = []; Then in setTimeout function you can use it like below: visitorIDs.push(ResolvedToUser.Id); So, you need to remove below line from your code which is not necessary: visitorIDs = ResolvedToUser.Id; However I am not sure how you are getting ...

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