In short, Yes, it is supported. For more details check, How to install and configure Workflow Manager on Windows 2012 R2 Workflow Manager Supportability with SharePoint Server


Use SharePoint designer to modify the view. This will make the changes for the specific instance of that discussion board. If you need to make the changes to the view for all discussion boards, you can either a) edit the schema.xml's CAML for the discussion board list that is located at C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\...


(Trying to answer from both an On-Prem and Online context here...) No, you cannot create a server side memory leak in JavaScript unless you're interacting with a custom server side component. What you're describing though isn't so much a memory leak as a performance degradation, which you certainly can do. Some examples off the top of my head: Executing ...

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