This workflow is/ should be done by using SharePoint Designer. There are only a few ootb statements, new one have to be designed, with and without use of Visual Studio.

SharePoint Designer offers the ability to define and use workflows on lists and sites. The amount of statements is quite low, but contains most usual needs. Most given variables and look-uo values can be defined in a very detailed way.

Main features are:
- use given variables
- define workflow variables
- use custom structures
- impersonation step
- create reusable workflows

In SPD 2010 looping statement is limited to 5 elements. Workflows will terminate with an error, if there are no secure designs. Impersonation steps have to be a single main step. It is not possible to copy'n'paste steps or entire list workflows. Workflows can be exported and importated to Visio Premium only. It is possible to create new steps using SPD and/ or Visual Studio.