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How do I customize the alert template to select only the Content columns when sending an alert from a microfeed

You are Online so you can not change anything Server-Side, with:
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Modify User Alert with SharePoint Workflow

I guess you are talking about workflows when item is edited in the list. in that case - After creating a workflow--> Go to workflows settings. Under Start option ---> tick--> Start workflows ...
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Item Changed Alert Email Modification

Simple, you can't. Your only other recourse is to create a on change workflow that emails out something you craft yourself instead of using alerts.
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Can you create alerts at folder level to only alert when new sub-folders are created just one level in?

You can do this by using Event receivers. Whenever a folder is created you have to check the level and send alert. public override void ItemAdded(SPItemEventProperties properties) { //Once the item ...
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How to remove the item content from my alerts templete

You have to modify the your custom template; to find the blocks of information that you need to remove or comment you should see this link:
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