It is not possible using Caml query builder tool U2U. you have to build your CAML Query as per below link : Using CAML Query to Retreive from Multiple Lists


you can use SpsiteDataQuery. Also you can try to use OOTB content query web part. From Link above query.Lists = "<Lists><List ID='7A9FDBE6-0841-430a-8D9A-53355801B5D5' /><List ID='3D18F506-FCA1-451e-B645-2D720DC84FD8' /></Lists>";


I'd probably use a workflow on your first list to populate a field in your second list. So as invoices are added, the workflow would update a recieved field in the second list. Then in that second list, you can do a calculated colum Total - Received to get your remainder.


You could use the the BCS (Business Connectivity Services in SP2010) is an out of box feature enabling external business data to be shared between site collections without writing any code. Here a link from microsoft http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/ee819133.aspx and here an answer from Stackexchange: Sharing data between multiple site collections


The issue with deletions can be solved by creating a custom permission level that prevents contributors from deleting items and including an explicit choice (checkbox) to indicate a request for deletion (or a workflow that runs on a zero amount). An additional problem exists if an item is updated, rather than added or deleted. In this case, a method to ...


The problem with workflow is that when a record in first list is removed the total in second list won't be updated. Because workflow doesn't run on delete action!

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