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How do I get the sum of items of several document libraries using JavaScript

I answered a similar question here. Your JavaScript would look similar to this (note the use of jQuery): var count = 0; $.when( RestGet("listname1", "yourErrorDiv", "Couldn't get from listname1"...
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Step Counter (e.g. 5/10) based on list content with Sharepoint 2013?

Calculated Columns are for specific list items only (think of them as per row) so you won't be able to perform calculations across multiple list items. This is a good use case for Client Side ...
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Counter for Calculated Column

You cannot use a calculated column for totals within a view. You could use a workflow to move the information over to a numeric field and then choose average within your views for that column. Your ...
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Unique reference numbers

Share Point Lists already have a unique ID generated for them (The column is called ID). All you have to do is add this ID to the second list via the workflow. You can either have a look up column in ...
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