Communication Site is one of the two primary "Modern" site templates released for SharePoint Online. It is designed to simplify the process of sharing news, reports, statuses, and other information in a visually compelling format.

Use a communication site to broadcast information out to a broad audience. With a communication site, typically only a small set of members contribute content that is consumed by a much larger audience. If you want to collaborate with other members of your team or with others on a specific project, a team site is the better choice.

Create a SharePoint communication site to share news, reports, status, and other information in a visually compelling format. Communication sites are responsive and can be viewed from anywhere on any device.

Communication Sites can be created in one of three initial layouts:

  • Topic to share information such as news, events, and other content.
  • Showcase to use photos or images to showcase a product, team, or event.
  • Blank to create your own design.

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