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It's a variant of url encoding, specific to SharePoint, and it's been maddening SharePoint developers for years. It's generated by SharePoint when columns are created in the UI with spaces in their names. SharePoint field internal names cannot have spaces. There's a workaround for this. It won't help for columns that already exist but when creating columns, ...


if you create a column with space you will end up with x0020 as internal name if you are using UI use ColumnName insted if you are using XML Column use internalName and staticName property


SharePoint indeed converts spaces to x0020 for internal names, because this is supposed to represent the url encode %20 (aka space). The “x0020” in the field name is the url encoded representation of the space in between of both words. To be more precise it is a form of unicode url encoding. The Unicode encoding of the space is “%u0020” but for fields “x0020”...


According to the official documentation, You can use this context([$FieldName]) to reference the values of other fields within the same row by specifying the internal name of the field surrounded by square brackets and preceded by a dollar sign: [$InternalName]. So, you need to use the internal name of your Name column in your JSON code. Check below URL ...

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