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use the AND function to validate multiple formulas at once, for example: =AND([ColumnA] >= [ColumnB], [ColumnF] >= [ColumnC], [ColumnE] >= [ColumnC])


Try below formula: =IF(OR([Status]="Approved", [Status]="Pending"),IF([Impact]="U",false, true), true) Update from comments: =IF(OR([Processing State of CS]="Approved for Implementation",[Processing State of CS]="Approved for Assessment"),IF(OR([CAT Impact]="U",[SEC 31 Fee]="U"),FALSE,TRUE),TRUE)


Try using below formula: =IF(ISBLANK([column 1]), true, IF(LEN([column 1])=19, true, false) This will allow users to add either blank values or the text with length of exact 19 characters.

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