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The error is stating that you can’t call ApplyWebConfigModifications() on $app.Parent. In this case, it is the Parent property of $app that is null. SPWebApplication’s Parent property is of type SPPersistedObject which doesn’t have an ApplyWebConfigModifications method and is most likely null in this case as SPWebApplications aren’t hierarchical/nested. ...


Use your firewall to block it. This isn't a function of Central Admin or SharePoint.


Try to restart following service in services.msc: Restart SharePoint Server search 15 Restart SharePoint Timer Service If the issue still exists, delete the existing SSA and recreate the search service application to check if crawl works well.


The below MySite feature in Farm level to prevent the redirection in Created/Modified by in list/libraryand user name links in list/library/user/groups/share but the redirection from Site Actions (About Me) should be handled using JQuery/JavaScript. Disable-SPFeature -Id 69cc9662-d373-47fc-9449-f18d11ff732c More details check this blog!

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